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Review: Joe & the Juice, Carnaby Street

April 2, 2011
Joe & the Juice

Grr - the Iron Man

I hereby declare winter officially over.

Spring has sprung, and I am throwing off the shackles of winter, and embracing all things sping-like, airy, floaty and sunny.  Which is why I’m off to collect my new bike from Luv Handles today!

But, and perhaps more significantly for a food blog, this means less hot chocolate, stews and stodgy winter food and more…juice!

It started with me discovering a juicer that I have had for about 8 years without using, and which was lying forlornly in the ‘charity box’.  My inner decluttering geek had turned up her nose ages ago at the juicer – surely the ultimate (great big clodhopper of a) ‘unitasker’.  But then something happened one day, I was feeling frivolous and fruity, and I thought I’d whack some fruit in and see what happened.  Pineapple, strawberry and orange juice, as it turns out, is a little piece of heaven.  So Spring/Summer 2011 is all about the juice.

Which is where my new love, Joe & the Juice, comes in.  One of my recent, and favourite work-away-from-home finds – Joe & the Juice is AWESOME.  The perfect place to nip to when in Soho, or to escape from the wilds of Oxford and Regent Street, and trick yourself into getting your daily dose of  vitamins.  Not to mention a good place to work, actually.  I find it a great source of inspiration – maybe it’s all that goodness going into my veins.

Joe & the Juice is Danish, which means explains the scandi-tall, rather scrumptious, laid-back boys running the show – surely worth a visit for this fact alone?  Although obviously this is not the only reason I like it, because, and I can be serious for a second here, the juice is absolutely spot on.  You can also have a cuppa coffee (the Joe part of the name, but you got that, right?) or a rather delightful looking toasted sarnie (I wasn’t hungry, but I was jealous).  But if you’re wanting a nibble,  I recommend you try this:

Carrot Cake

Cake with veg in is healthy, honest...

Their carrot cake.  That’s carrot cake, and not banana cake, as I kept insisting on calling it.  With quite truly the lightest, fluffiest, yummiest, scrummiest iced topping ever ever ever.

Squidge onto one of their big sofas, or tuck yourself into one of their lovely little armchairs, make yourself at home, and sip away happily for a good couple of hours – because not here will you feel rushed, hurried and scooted away.  The atmosphere is super laid back,  with music that somehow manages to be high energy but chilled (I have no idea what type of music, or how they do this – that was as far as my music reviews stretch – but suffice to say I like it),  the boys carry on chilled chatter with the customers and throw apples between themselves.  And the world is a happy place.

Oh, and boys, if you were a bit miffed at mention of the gorgeous staff, you’ll be happy to hear that you’re highly likely to catch sight of a model from the magazine company across the street.  But best of all, I think,  you can just sit in this lovely big airy space and watch the Soho world go by..

Joe & the Juice

walk down Carnaby street and turn left just before you get to American Apparel.

Juices are a princely £3.95, but if you drink it slower than I do, then it’s well worth your dosh.  I recommend Joe’s Sweet Kiss, or Iron Man, but I have no doubt that every single one will be lovely in its own unique way.  Coffees are from £2, and that there bana-I mean carrot cake is £1.70.  Which I would pay for the icing alone.

Apparently there’s another one the other side of Regent Street – go and try it, and let me know what it’s like!


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  1. Jeremy permalink
    April 20, 2011 1:36 am

    Hey, i was travelling in London recently and i absolutely loooved Joes Sweet Kiss! I want to try and make my own at home (Australia) but i cant remember all of the exact ingredients…Think you could help?


    • nibblescribbler permalink*
      April 20, 2011 6:08 am

      I’m sure I can help, although not off the top of my head! I’ll have to drop by and visit and ask the boys there. Give me a week or so (It’s Easter) and I’ll see what I can do…
      Thanks for stopping by!

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