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Silly Hats Supperclub

September 26, 2011
Scribble the Nibbles Supperclub

Nibbles Scribbled Up

Thankfully in the second Scribble the Nibbles Supperclub I:

a) did not crack open the tequila, so can remember better what I served my guests and

b) remembered to take a few photos, in amongst juggling plates – including this nifty one of the menu board, so I have a visual prompt of what was cooked, even if I had forgotten…

What I always find fun about any sort of creative endeavour is how much of a learning curve each one proves to be.  Part of the process is sitting down, strategising the logistics and planning the menus/guests/table settings etc.  Having just spent a lovely lunchtime perusing Ferran Adria of  El Bulli restaurant’s ginormous bible, I have been thoroughly inspired and, as a result, I’m feeling doubly excited about October’s upcoming Supperclub. 

But this wasn’t October, this was AUGUST (where IS this year whipping away to, I ask you?!).  The theme was Silly Hats, and it would appear that our guests got quite into the whole thing.  In amongst the gathering we had a 6’5″ ginger fellow bedecked in a very glitzy silver glitter cowboy hat and, my personal favourite, a boy wearing a ginormous pink bow (apparently his cousin/flatmate’s, but I’m not completely convinced this was the truth, he wore it with such aplomb.)  I was cooking in cat’s ears, and quite a few comments were made about my blue polka dot apron – I couldn’t decide if the cheeky culprit deserved a bop round the ear, but I was frankly far too busy cooking to spend too much time pondering it.

Every Scribble the Nibbles Supperclub starts off with a trayful of little bitelets of something yummy, to get the guests talking (if the theme in question hasn’t already broken the ice), and whet their appetites for the meal to come.  Now, you’ll have to excuse my photos prowess – you should be used to that by now – but I was pleased as punch with these tiny Spiced Pumpkin pancakes with creme fraiche, chorizo and coriander – the recipe for which I pinched from a super-talented supperclub lady south of the river.  We had to all be restrained from guzzling more than our fair share.
Pumpkin Bites











The rest of the meal continued as follows:

  • Red Pepper & Lime Soup – a very zingy and quite unusual-tasting (almost slightly tropical/South American) soup, which is a beautiful vibrant red colour and somehow manages to be both warming and refreshing.  And, as it turns out, is pretty darn good cold the next day as well.
  • Chicken Estofado with Spicy Spanish Rice & Spinach – a Portuguese-influenced chicken dish involving lots of sticky yummy goodness and a wonderful succulent marinade.
  • Chocolate Mousse with Berries – was dead chuffed with these.  Old school it may be, but Choc Mousse simply NEVER disappoints.  And they looked exquisite when topped with the sparkling, jewel-like berries and a mint leaf or two.Chocolate Mousse with Berries










There was a little added extra surprise to accompany STNSC2, which actually ended up taking centre stage as the diva of the entire gathering.  Aforementioned large ginger man had sent an email a few weeks prior to the Supperclub begging for me to include the attached recipe for Cheesecake Strawberry Bites as part of the meal.  It didn’t look quite substantial enough for a full pud, so it has subsequently started up the now-continuing Supperclub staple of mini-puddings.   Following the roaring success of the bites, the culprit has subsequently been hired as the Mini Pudding Consultant.  Here’s a pic of the bites to give you an idea:

Cheesecake Strawberries

Popular little blighters...



In case that hasn’t made the concept abundantly clear (highly likely) I will explain: the hulled strawberries are filled with flavoured cheesecake mixture.  The strawberries can then be dunked, at guests’ disgression, into a bowlful of biscuit base.  A little like the mini starter, these mini puds are a little difficult to stop popping greedily into your mouth.  The Mini Pudding Consultant is available for public appearances, but is currently working on his next piece de la resistance for STNSC3.  Watch this space.


I’m taking bookings for STNSC on Friday November 11th – when we’ll be eating an American Thanksgiving themed dinner – both food and accessories.  The cost is £20 for 5 courses (including an appetiser & a mini pudding) and there are some added extras thrown in.  Email alexia dot pinchbeck at gmail dot com for more details.  You will be pleased to hear that my cooking skills infinitely surpass both my photography and my blog layout skills…

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  1. November 15, 2011 12:51 am

    Obviously my timing is impeccable and have just missed the 11th. Look forward to reading how it went, although cracking open the tequila is always encouraged…

    • nibblescribbler permalink*
      November 15, 2011 9:30 am

      With not exactly impeccable timing myself, the 11th unfortunately had to be axed last minute due to the chef succumbing to a terrible case of the lurgy which she is only just emerging from (and it’s not even Christmas party season…). There’s another SC update pending, and then there is likely to be a replacement SC. Watch this space! (and thank you for pootling past – love your blog)

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